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All About Troy Hughes

After recently receiving his BFA in Interior Design at California College of the Arts in May 2018 Troy has accumulated over a year and a half of professional work experience. Originally from a small town in New Jersey, Troy came to the Bay Area to pursue a career in design. He attended CCA with Architecture as his intended major, however began developing a passion for interdisciplinary and human-centered design.  With a fervent belief that great design can enhance lives and make a difference to those that use and engage with it, Troy's designs though at first glance seem simple, are in fact extremely complex. He is actively involved in his local, educational, and professional communities. Troy also has an adoration for academia; both teaching and learning.  He has been assisting faculty teach at his college for over 2 years with a reputation for delivering quality guidance to peers.

Working with a diverse range of academic courses, projects, and work, around the around the Bay Area Troy Hughes has an innovative body of work. To learn more, feel free to scroll through the site.

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